Release Date: 18 Apr 2010
Production House: StudioWorkz Productions

About the Project

KOORIMO ice-cream contains high nutritional value, made with premium quality milk and chunks of real chestnut paste. With origins in Singapore, it is a global product with the chestnuts originating from Japan but grown in plantations in China, and the ice-cream produced in Europe.

The objective of this 8-minute corporate video was to educate the public on how KOORIMO ice-cream is made, to create awareness of the product and to drive sales.


To showcase the Japanese origin of the chestnuts, an animated character was created to attract the youths. In creating themes for this character, FoodXervices specified the feel and tone of the music as being more traditionally-sounding Japanese. Due to the target audience being health-conscious youths, we did not want to target young kids, so there was a constant effort to try to not sound too kiddish, yet fit the feel of this main animated character.

Lots of care was put into research and listening to more traditional sounding Japanese songs, which, interestingly, includes the modern Japanese chill-out music.

If you listen carefully, lots of percussion sounds were custom-recorded and sequenced in the midi software, like the clanging of spoons and hitting of porcelain cups. This gave a certain traditional percussive folk sound that we were pursuing and the taiko drums with traditional Japanese koto helps tie all the elements together to make it sound authentically Japanese.

In creating the various sound effects, I tried to turn to more organic sounds inside of using synthesized sound effects. Lots of the sound effects were recorded with me popping and clicking my mouth, synthesized and timed with the animated characters’ movements.