Release Date: 25 Jul 2013
Production House: Emoxis LLP

About the project

When it comes to composing the music, we once again looked at what kind of music was used in previous launch videos and thought about what can be done to “one up” that.

We decided to incorporate three elements into our music: 1) sounds of kitchenware integrated into the rhythm to represent the idea of “restaurants”, 2) orchestral and ethnic melodic instruments to represent the idea of “Asia”, and 3) the epic and impactful scope of drums to represent how important event is to Asian restaurants.

Much care was taken into blending the three elements together to make it seem like one cannot be without the other. In the final mix, over 50 tracks of instruments and kitchenware sounds were used, a new record for our composer. These instruments include, and not limited to, Erhu, Sitar, Gamelan, various Taiko drums, Thai Gong, Vietnamese shakers, Indonesian Bongos, Nepalese Two-Headed Drums and Anklungs. We think that the resulting music speaks for itself!