Release Date: 1 May 2011
Production House: Greenshell Production

About the Short Film

A LONG WAY HOME is a 17-minute short film produced by a student group, Greenshell Production, for their Final Year Project, under the supervision of Nikki Draper. Greenshell Production comprises of four senior undergraduates: Sim Li Fen (Miki), Daryl John Ho, Mak Mei See & Melvin Chen Baorong.

“A Long Way Home” explores how an HIV-afflicted woman deals with the disease on a road towards self-discovery that is taken both allegorically and literally. Will she ever be willing to accept love ever again, one inevitably questions, as her fondness of motorbiking takes her on a road trip through many picturesque scenes. The metaphorical references between her illness and the state of her motorbike following an accident are manifest in the film that stars Oon Shu An (Becoming Royston) and Benjamin Heng (Eating Air).